Washington Emiliano

A Ugandan Visual artist. A talented and experimental artist, a painter and sculptor with a touch of expression and a mind of creativity.
In most of my works, I act as a voice for the voiceless, the people that are going through a rough time due to their unpleasant surroundings and are scared to speak up, and those who would love to speak but can’t speak and create awareness to the public.
Many times we are mistreated, abused and taken for a fool just because we aren’t Bold enough to stand our ground and say, “NO, it’s enough.” Many people go through numberless battles, most times it’s because of us and our actions. Many need our help but few of us are willing to help them. Some of us see them and ignore them saying, “it’s not my job,” “who are you to me?” Some of us pretend to be helping but it’s just for our selfish desires and pride, and others want to help but their hands are tied.
Nowadays money and power are becoming our new idols that alot is happening just because of it. A lot of families have been broken, people are killing each other, mentors are becoming tormentors, leaders are becoming too greedy, many youths are unemployed but are learned. There are alot of injustices nowadays. Many times the common man has been tormented, mistreated and not taken serious just because he/she doesn’t have enough money, many people fear to take their cases as far as court just because they are poor and few people are willing to hear from them due to their low net worth, many of our brothers and sisters once they come out and show their dissatisfaction with the government, he/she is killed or threatened.
In my artworks, I aim at inspiring all people in their different fields that we can create a change, where everyone is respected and given equal justice, no matter their net worth, qualifications, age, or appearance, where the young are given chance to lead and build a greater Africa, where there is transparency in leadership, where unborn babies are given chance to live.
Money shouldn’t take away our love and respect for humanity.
Let’s love one another and not get taken up by the changing times.

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