Gilbert Musinguzi

I investigate Analogies between the social being of ants and human communities and characteristics of experience, behavior, and interaction of persons forming groups. The Anthill is a symbol of silent collective efforts, power, discipline, patience, Progress, achievement, unity, and togetherness. Through collecting anthill mud, old books, I mix them with acrylic paint on canvas, I deconstruct invaded historic spaces, events, and communities in Africa.
My installations are massive constructions taking over space in form of anthills made with mud and discarded objects. While most of the paintings have many people with rough textures and bright colors, some have single figures which reveal the historical influence. The Wood and collage impression background represents the invaded but resilient, quick response patterns (QR codes) is a form of contemporary expression of information, transmission, archives, and identity in communities.
The invasion of ants in my compound implored me to investigate analogies between ants and humans, as my efforts to destroy their nests/anthills were in vain. Destroying one anthill empowered the tiny creatures to build more and taller ones the next day hence “You can’t destroy an anthill unless you kill the queen”

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